Monday, July 9, 2012

Magnificent Hummingbird

July 9, 2012 - Nancy and I were enjoying our coffee out on our bedroom balcony early this morning when to our great astonishment, a huge hummingbird zoomed over our heads and checked out our hummingbird feeder.  It did not stay to feed, probably because we were too close, but flew to the top of a nearby aspen.  Fortunately, Nancy had her camera ready with its 400 mm lens and was able to get several photos of it.  This is truly a rare bird for Colorado and especially the northern part of the state.  We wonder if it has to do with the drought and recent fires along the Front Range and further south in New Mexico.  Here is Nancy's best photo of the bird, as it sat in the top of the aspen.

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  1. A number of years ago I had an encounter with one of these down in Lake George, Colorado. Like you, I was astonished to see such a large/unusual hummingbird. I didn't have the opportunity of a photo, and it didn't stay long at the feeder, to the point that none of my family saw it but me (and tease me by joking I was imagining things. :-)

    I don't recall if there were any exceptional conditions the year I saw that bird, but I recall I suspected it had just strayed up from it's normal range.

    I have no clue if these birds are extending their range due to warming, or other conditions, but it sure is a magnificent sight! Thanks for sharing on cobirds. Great photo.